Have Your Say is the democractic process for sharing and promoting University of Portsmouth students' ideas. Popular ideas can create positive impacts for students at the Union, within the University and beyond.

Ideas that need Reaction

These ideas will be actioned by the Union when at least 100 students react (quorum) and at least 50% + 1 agree.

Idea No. of Reactions Reaction Closes

Ideas that need Backers

These ideas will be reviewed by the Union Actioning Body (UAB) when they receive at least 15 backers

Idea Backers
Water fountains around university quarter 6/15
Hygiene Handles on ALL university toilets 2/15
Price-Cap FoodOnCampus Fresh Meals at £2.50! 4/15
University Bus running over the weekend 2/15
Software for Wacom tablets on all Uni computers. 1/15

Ideas that are awaiting review

These ideas will be reviewed by the Union Actioning Body (UAB), you can still add your voice by backing the idea before review.

Idea Backers
All uni finished by 11am on Wednesdays to allow for bucs away games 34/15
Reinstate the IMS (Institute of Marine Sciences) bus to make reaching class safer 19/15
Purchase of rainbow laces for sports clubs to wear with pride 30/15