Have Your Say is the democractic process for sharing and promoting University of Portsmouth students' ideas. Popular ideas can create positive impacts for students at the Union, within the University and beyond.

Ideas that need Reaction

These ideas will be actioned by the Union when at least 100 students react (quorum) and at least 50% + 1 agree.

Idea No. of Reactions Reaction Closes
Univerity bus run in both directions 1 Quorum not yet reached 17th Apr 2019
Return to leasing at least two minibuses with parking in the gun house car park next to the union. 104 100% Agree 11th Apr 2019

Ideas that need Backers

These ideas will be reviewed by the Union Actioning Body (UAB) when they receive at least 15 backers

Idea Backers
Make support services more broadly known about for students. 12/15
Another water fountain on the ground floor of the Library 3/15
should the uni bus run both way in a loop rather than one? 18/15
Comfier Chairs in the Library 2/15

Ideas that are awaiting review

These ideas will be reviewed by the Union Actioning Body (UAB), you can still add your voice by backing the idea before review.

Idea Backers
Graduation Ball 49/15
Can we have our official Graduation Ball Re-instated please. 32/15
Langstone lights to be turned off at 5 past 10 to allow students to finish training sessions 18/15