Ideas we are working on

These ideas have been passed and actioned by UAB or passed by reaction (where the majority of students agreed)

Idea Champion Last Update
All uni finished by 11am on Wednesdays to allow for bucs away games Charlotte Beaney 21st Nov 2018
Reinstate the IMS (Institute of Marine Sciences) bus to make reaching class safer Violet Karapaseva 7th Mar 2019
Help full time students get access to a Maternity Allowance Violet Karapaseva / Sophie Butler 7th Mar 2019
Make no left turn clearer on the Anglesea Road Junction George Pykov 12th Feb 2019
Daytime Common Room for Mature Students on Campus George Pykov / Charlotte Beaney 7th Feb 2019
Race in Your Face Moises Frias 10th Apr 2019
Expand the no-smoking area outside the library George Pykov 22nd Feb 2019
More water bottle filling stations around uni Violet Karapaseva 14th Mar 2019
Langstone lights to be turned off at 5 past 10 to allow students to finish training sessions Charlotte Beaney 28th Mar 2019
#Fridays for Future Sophie Butler 2nd May 2019
Return to leasing at least two minibuses with parking in the gun house car park next to the union. Charlotte Beaney 2nd May 2019

Ideas that we've completed

These ideas have been achieved, see individual ideas for updates

Idea Champion Last Update
Transport to Langstone Charlotte Beaney 18th Jan 2019
Purchase of rainbow laces for sports clubs to wear with pride Charlotte Beaney 18th Jan 2019
Allow Peter Hitchens to speak at the University, for open debate and acceptance of others opinions No Reps 14th Mar 2019
Rape and Sexual Assault Awareness Sophie Butler 2nd May 2019
Peaceful Protest March - Brexit George Pykov 2nd Apr 2019
Stop Peter Hitchens being allowed to deliver a speech at the university due to homophobic comments No Reps 14th Mar 2019

Ideas that you haven't supported

These ideas were not backed by enough students to reach review

Idea Champion Last Update
AU Tiered Membership System Angel Layer 1st Feb 2018
The University of Portsmouth should introduce a content creator scheme No Reps 21st Oct 2018
United Against Hate Crime & Fake News No Reps 7th Nov 2018
Secondary route of uni bus No Reps 8th Nov 2018
Portsmouth University Umbrellas!! No Reps 15th Nov 2018
Water fountains around university quarter No Reps 18th Nov 2018
Univerity bus run in both directions Violet Karapaseva 20th Mar 2019
should the uni bus run both way in a loop rather than one? No Reps 28th Mar 2019