Return to leasing at least two minibuses with parking in the gun house car park next to the union.

Following the removal of the leased union minibuses the cost of using a bus has rocketed, driver training is not being done and picking up and dropping off the buses can take hours for the driver.

Idea submitted by Thomas Roberts on 26th Feb 2019

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The two leased buses from previous years were removed over the summer with no consultation with the student groups and almost no warning. The reasons for leasing minibuses still remain but the sports groups have been suffering since they were removed.

As a member of the climbing and mountaineering club I will talk about our experience this year. These problems and others exist for all of the groups that use the minibuses.

Previously we hired three buses a week to take our members to facilities which are not available in Portsmouth. This year we can afford to take one. It costs us £110 (including fuel), over double the previous cost, and takes the driver 3.5 hours to take 24 people 15 minutes away. This was really brought to light when speaking to Bournemouth University climbers who train three times as often and pay 30p per mile. With this set up the transport to our training would be £20. This also explains Bournemouth's high performance.

Fifteen seater buses can be leased for as little as £292.49+vat per month while our club alone already pays roughly £360. When considering the number of clubs and the frequency of bookings it is obvious that we are getting a raw deal. Having spoken to SSD personally I have been told that they lease to student groups almost every day and up to ten vehicles on a Wednesday. This potentially puts the cost up to over £1000 per week for the student groups.

How would your idea benefit students?

- Reduce the cost of transport to training and competitions, allowing for more of both.

- Allow for the frequent training of drivers. The day hire cost for training is being absorbed by the union directly which could be why they have been reluctant to train new drivers.

- Save the limited number of drivers from hours of pickup and drop off driving.

How could your idea be implemented?

The money is already being spent, lease minibuses for a fraction of the cost and make permanent parking next to the union available.


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