Free solar-powered multiple device charging stations

To provide free environmental friendly charging stations for students to plug and charge their electronic devices.

Idea submitted by Katherine Chiia Luan Lee on 1st Dec 2018

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There has been an increasing amount of students who uses their electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to record and take notes during lectures. Most students find the method much quicker and more efficient to gather and manage information they have received through lectures. However, a lot of devices are known to run out of batteries fairly quickly. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they have a safe spot to promptly charge their devices especially if students are scheduled to have a full timetabled. 

By providing charging stations around the campus, students can have prompt and convenient access to powered up their devices while waiting for the next lecture. As the University has put more learning resources online, students are able to catch up with their studies anywhere and at anytime around the campus where they find themselves most comfortable. The solar-powered charging stations can also support students during emergency situations such if there was a power-cut and they would need other sources to keep working. Furthermore, it can keep students connected with friends, family, and the University. 

In my humble opinion, these solar-powered charging stations could not only weigh a positive impact for student's visiting the campus, they can also act as a awareness to strive for a more eco-friendly environment. 

How would your idea benefit students?

Following from what has stated above, it can be beneficial to students who brings their electronic devices to study and work in the campus as it helps keep the devices up and running. It can also act as a friendly nudge and hope to inspire students in each different course to think more of sustainability.

How could your idea be implemented?

This idea could be implemented if there is the possibility to place these solar-powered charging stations around the campus. 


The idea is now looking for 15 Backers.

2018-12-01 12:05:57