United Against Hate Crime & Fake News

This event seeks to unite the communities of different faith groups in overcoming the threat of fake news and hate crime through inviting expert speakers and different competitions with cash prizes.

Idea submitted by John Anderson on 9th Oct 2018

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The topics of the event are:

  • Encountering Politics of Hate crime: the role of fake news in Hate crime 
  • The role of religion in awareness and promotion of culture of tolerance and respect 
  • Unity of groups in a multi faith society to overcome the effect of fake news 
  • Award Ceremony for the pre-event competitions 

The outcomes of the event are:

  • The academics would gain a deeper understanding of the standpoint and capacity of faith groups in reducing Hate crime. 

  • The faith groups would be encouraged to participate in initiatives between each other, city authorities, and the academia to play a role in reducing Hate crime. 

Pre-event competitions with cash prize are:

1-UK Wide competition in Short Movie Clip/Animation with the subject of “Promoting Faith Diversity”. 

2-Call for initiative proposals with the subject of “overcoming the cultural barriers at workplace”

3-UK Wide Competition in Photography with the subject of “Empowering Muslim Women”

How would your idea benefit students?

Students would develop an understanding of Hate Crime and the danger of fake news and how they can overcome those in their faith groups. 

How could your idea be implemented?

Inviting expert speakers as following:

1xSpeaker from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (He will present the awards for the Initiative proposal competition)

1x Speaker from the City Life Church

1xSpeaker from the Portsmouth Jewish community

1xSpeaker from the Sunni Sect.

1x Speaker from the Shia Sect.

1x Speaker from Portsmouth City Council/ Hampshire Constabulary (Linking communities to authorities)

1xMuslim woman activist to start the award ceremony and present the photography awards.

By gathering the community leaders, students and academia in one place and one agenda, providing the opportunity for clarity, unity, and productive initiatives in the form of cooperation for tackling the fake news and hate crime threat.


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