Stress-busting assistance dogs on campus

As seen on the BBC website, a university in Middlesex is reducing student's anxiety by introducing assistance dogs on campus. See article here:

Idea submitted by Joy Dodson on 1st May 2019

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Most people love dogs, and a lot of students have some kind of stress or anxiety related to their studies, who are dropping out or thinking about it because of their mental health. So what better way to fight this issue than to introduce assistance dogs to Portsmouth University?

How would your idea benefit students?

Reduce stress, provide joy, reassurance, calm heart rate and breath by interaction with the dogs.

How could your idea be implemented?

To be discussed with the student wellbeing centre, but perhaps providing a space reserved to interact with the dogs. Possibly allowing the dogs to accompany the student throughout campus and in lectures/exams. (Dependant on health and safety of course).


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