Expand the no-smoking area outside the library

Expand the no-smoking area outside the library entrance - it is too small.

Idea submitted by Bhavik Mistry on 11th Jan 2019

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There are sometimes over a dozen smokers which makes inhaling second-hand smoke unavoidable and there is an almost constant cigarette smell which makes me feel queasy.

How would your idea benefit students?

1) Non-smokers are less likely to breathe in second-hand smoke, which causes health problems.
2) Cigarette stench avoidable.
3) Less litter (cigarette butts).
4) Passively discourages smoking.

How could your idea be implemented?

Largely expand the non-smoking area (the yellow line). A better solution might be to make the whole area outside the library entrance a non-smoking zone and then create a specific smoking area away from the entrance. This way, smokers can still smoke without disturbing passers by.


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2019-01-11 07:37:54