Software for Wacom tablets on all Uni computers.

A request for University to download software for Wacom tablets to all PCs and Macs.

Idea submitted by Oliwia Witecka on 14th Nov 2018

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Wacom tablets make working on a creative project much easier and quicker. They are small black boards with pens that work as cursors, and I know plenty of students that own one. Currently, I can't just plug in my Wacom tablet to a University computer, as I need to download a software to make it work and that can't be done with a student login. I understand that there are free to use screens with electronic pens in the computer room in Eldon, however that building is not open 24 hours like the library, or, simply doesn't enable students to sit in any other place at the University and use this kind of device.

How would your idea benefit students?

There is a number of students that own Wacom tablets and would love to be able to use them at University without having to bring their own laptops in. Together with a professional computers and powerful softwares owned by University, this feature would make our creative work much easier and more enjoyable. It would also help students be more flexible with their creative work.

How could your idea be implemented?

The Wacom software is free to download from their original website and doesn't take up almost any space. It doesn't affect students that don't own a Wacom tablet or the computer itself (doesn't slow them down, etc.)


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