Stop Peter Hitchens being allowed to deliver a speech at the university due to homophobic comments

Peter Hitchens should not be allowed to speak at the University of Portsmouth students union next week due to his homophobic stance and comments.

Idea submitted by Jack Dranfield on 5th Feb 2019

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Peter Hitchens, a well established journalist who has in previous years written and expressed deeply hurtful and homophobic remarks is being allowed to give a speech at the union next week. After such a successful pride week with thousands of students standing up for LGBT+ peoples I find it insulting and disrespectful to allow Mr Hitchens to speak. Furthermore, the timing of this could not be worse. February is LGBT history month, a time where we acknowledge, remember and celebrate LGBT+ individuals and rights, something Mr Hitchens clearly has an issue with (e.g. Daily Mail Article) He further expresses his negative views on gender identity here (Daily mail article 2), finally in an article here (Homophobic Article 3) he openly expresses that being gay is 'morally wrong' and that he cares about what LGBT peoples not only do in public but also what LGBT individuals do in private. These views are not what the students of Portsmouth university share, therefore allowing Mr Hitchens to speak is unacceptable and against the wishes of Portsmouth university students. I request that the invitation to speak be immediately withdrawn and that the university of Portsmouth release a public apology for not only ignoring but going against the hard work that staff and students have put in to making the university of Portsmouth an inclusive and diverse university.

How would your idea benefit students?

With so much hard work going in to pride week at the union, LGBT history month and inclusion and diversity at the university we are starting to see real impactful change for minority students. This should be protected and would show students that the university and the union will stand up for them when individuals such as Mr Hitchens wish to be so openly hostile towards LGBT individuals. 

How could your idea be implemented?

Revoke the invitation given to Peter Hitchens and ban him form speaking on University of Portsmouth property.


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