Open university buildings with computers on bank holidays, especially close to exam period

When bank holiday Monday's come around and the university close its buildings, the library becomes very busy and people are unable to find computers or laptops to work on.

Idea submitted by Lauren Owen on 6th May 2019

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On May 6th, all university buildings were closed meaning the library was packed out to the point that people were queuing for laptops despite there being no plug sockets. Perhaps this is only relevant to the two May bank holidays, but university buildings with computers in need to be open. The fact that even the third space was closed is silly as where are people supposed to go? Some people do not work well at home so to come all the way into uni and have no where to work with exams coming up can set them back, especially if they planned to revise the entire day! Some people have to travel a long way to get to the library so this is very time consuming for them to not be able to find somewhere to do their work as they planned. Some people do not have access to a computer or laptop at home meaning that they cannot do any work unless they have access to a university laptop or computer, which on May 6th was near enough impossible to access. I think that on bank holidays (especially the May bank holidays near exams) all university buildings with computers need to be opened. Buildings like Park, Angelsea and Richmond would help massively when coming to students revision. Unfortunately, during May students do not get to take bank holidays with all of the stress of exams and deadlines, so it is unfair of the university to close its buildings making many students unable to access what they need to finish assignments and revise for exams.

How would your idea benefit students?

It would benefit students by allowing enough computer and laptop space for the majority of individuals attempting to revise and complete deadlines, thus allowing them to gain better university grades.

How could your idea be implemented?

By keeping certain buildings that have a sufficient amount of computers or laptops open on bank holidays such as Park, Richmond, third space or Angelsea.


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