Wider access to Water fountains on Campus

The key to succeeding in your studies is to look after yourself; mind and body. As part of this keeping hydrated is KEY. Trying to be green bring your own bottle is to be encouraged.

Idea submitted by James Corney on 9th Sep 2019

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Helena Schofield

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Having to pop into local eateries is frustrating and time-consuming. Especially, when you are in one building 9-6 having to make a special effort, takes you away from the mind space of learning. There feels like very few fountains around campus and with some not working for some time the start of a new academic year feels like a good time to improve this. Whether this is by installing new fountains or raising the profile of the ones already available like the one in the basement of Park building

How would your idea benefit students?

Improving health and wellbeing.

How could your idea be implemented?

Asking if the university can install more fountains

creating a map of current water bottle fill sites.

Using the Unions social media to raise the profile of these sites.


Update from the UPSU Team
2020-05-22 13:45:12

An update from UPSU President, Helena Schofield:

I identified the buildings that had no or few water fountains in and then had 2 meetings around November time with the head of catering services regarding this issue. This was followed up with another member of University staff. This quickly resulted in the University putting together a map of water fountains available across campus. I have chased the issue of installing more throughout the year, but this was put on hold due to Covid-19. However, the map is a step in the right direction to continue this campaign into next academic year.

The idea is now marked as Completed

2020-05-22 13:44:43

The idea has been marked as Fast Tracked. The reason was: This motion was discussed and passed at UAB. The designated champion of this motion is Helena Schofield.

2019-10-30 08:53:04
Update from the UPSU Team
2019-09-11 14:37:32

Dear James, 

Thank you for submitting a campaign through Have Your Say! I thought I would give you an update as the what the next steps are and the timeline for these.

The Union Actioning Body (UAB) will be meeting soon and will discuss your campaign, as per the terms of reference. Once the meeting has taken place we will be able to provide you with another update, which will also be visible on the HYS webpage.

More information about the processes can be found here: https://hys.upsu.net/page/how-it-works

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Adele Benson


The idea now has enough backers to be reviewed at the next meeting. This meeting is UAB 06/11/2019 and will be held on Wednesday 6 November, 2019 12:00 pm

2019-09-09 19:04:29

The idea is now looking for 15 Backers.

2019-09-09 13:45:01