Disposable coffee cups sold by Uni coffee shops to be biodegradable, & better reusables for sale!

I propose that all coffee cups sold onsite at Portsmouth university be switched to ones that are compostable and biodegradable, and that the reusables be improved and featured more heavily.

Idea submitted by MAISIE EVANS on 14th Oct 2019

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Food On Campus currently has 10 locations at Portsmouth University, each one selling a range of hot and cold drinks and snacks. The university branded coffee cups are out of sight, unattractive and over-priced, and the shops and cafes are STILL selling disposable plastic-lined coffee cups with plastic lids, which is reprehensible in the current ecological climate. 

I propose that the university partners with an exterior producer of reusable cups so that they are a feature, aesthetically pleasing, and more likely to be used and purchased (the colourful bamboo and rubber / glass cups from ecoffeecup, for example) and also replaces ALL of the disposable coffee cups and lids that are made from plastic and plastic composites, with ones that are biodegradable and compostable, such as those produced by companies like Vegware.

How would your idea benefit students?

It would raise ecological awareness for students, cut on recycling costs for the university, and hugely improve the carbon footprints of students and staff as well as the university itself. It would also have the additional effect of reducing waste from other local coffee providers, as students would already have their coffee cups with them, and would therefore reduce the ecological impact of the exterior coffee shops and cafes of Portsmouth too. 

How could your idea be implemented?

With ease, using the companies mentioned above. I mention ecoffeecups because they make various different kinds of reusables, and in many different colours, making them aesthetically pleasing as well as eco-conscious and affordable. Vegware are also among several companies that produce and sell disposables that are biodegradable and compostable.


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2019-11-27 13:44:48

The idea now has enough backers to be reviewed at the next meeting. This meeting is UAB 27/11/2019 and will be held on Wednesday 27 November, 2019 12:00 pm

2019-11-01 08:45:18

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2019-10-14 12:33:57