Portsmouth University Umbrellas!!

I believe it would be a great idea for the University to have their own Umbrellas that both students, and staff could enjoy.

Idea submitted by Kavina Narayah on 17th Oct 2018

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In the Student Union, and other University buildings (including the library) I believe we could sell Umbrellas that have the University logo on them, they could also be purple as that's the colour associated with the University. By having the logo on them, also, when using the umbrellas we can promote our University, or simply just use it to show others what University we go/went to. 

How would your idea benefit students?

This idea would benefit students as they can protect themselves from the rain, especially if after their lecture has ended, it starts to rain and they do not have an umbrella on them to protect them from the rain. Usually when this happens students who would normally walk home may either wait out the rain, walk in the rain or get a taxi. However, with the option to buy an Umbrella students would save themselves from getting wet, save time from not having to wait out the rain and also save money as the umbrella would be cheaper than a taxi, and is also something that would not be a wasteful purchase as they can reuse the umbrella. 

How could your idea be implemented?

Students and staff could buy the umbrellas in the University buildings, preferably they'd be no more than £4.


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