Graduation Ball

Bring Back Graduation Ball.

Idea submitted by Ellie King on 3rd Jan 2019

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UPSU have announced that the University have decided to change the usual Graduation Ball to a "Graduation Party" held at Astoria; along side a Summer Ball at Guildhall. The Graduation Party is held at Astoria which surely cannot hold every graduating third year student? Meaning some wont be able to attend whether they want to or not. Summer Ball is available to all students of all years - meaning, the University offers no significant special celebration for those graduating, just a normal night out. We want to be able to have an actual Graduation Ball which gives us the opportunity to dress up and make memorable moments with fellow students, rather than just a night out in a club which is possible for us all year. Although we understand the concept of trying to make the event more affordable, this completely strips away any significance for the event. 

How would your idea benefit students?

Having a Graduation Ball, like previous years, held at the Union with different tents including fun activities such as Dodgems, makes students feel appreciated and proud to be a part of the University of Portsmouth. It's something that cannot be experienced throughout their years at university, making it memorable and different. Attending Astoria is a weekly event for most students. Having a Graduation Party that costs £8 just for a night out in Astoria will not give students the same experience of a Graduation Ball, from face value it just seems as though we are paying a higher price for a standard night out, with entry usually just being £5 for Astoria. This then means this is a waste of money, Graduation Ball was higher priced because of what it offers which you would not experience on any other night. 

How could your idea be implemented?

We think that this years 3rd years should have an opportunity to decide how their Graduation Ball goes, using feedback from previous years only gives their opinion, not ours. We think this change should be reviewed and hopefully changed into an actual Graduation Ball offering what it has for previous years, we want this experience to finish our journey at the University of Portsmouth. Instead of completely changing this event, there maybe could be a instalment payment scheme for those who struggle to pay the full cost upfront, this would make it more realistically affordable for some students, like myself, while still getting the experience of an actual Graduation Ball. 


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