Make support services more broadly known about for students.

Raise awareness of student support services to relieve the stress on a student who is having difficulties with their course or university life itself .

Idea submitted by Katy Nichols on 23rd Feb 2019

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I only found out about ASDAC, the wellbeing service and the faculty learning support services until 5 months into my course and still a lot more people don't even know that they exist and instead, occasionally, drop out of their course. 

How would your idea benefit students?

This would likely relieve stress on students who need help with their course and assignments who believe that because they are at university they no longer will get a lot of help. 

Making the wellbeing service more broadly known about would help extremely stressed out students to learn how to calm themselves or to talk to someone about worries and fears. 

How could your idea be implemented?

The university needs to raise more awareness about these courses to first years or all students in general and they could do this through posts on social media, presentations from course leaders or even by posting leaflets to all students, to name just a few ideas. 


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2019-02-23 21:34:04