Allow Peter Hitchens to speak at the University, for open debate and acceptance of others opinions

A have your say campaign has been launched to stop Peter Hitchens from speaking at Portsmouth, this is based on some of his more controversial opinions, this goes against the principals of open debate

Idea submitted by Ronnie Taffurelli-Hutchings on 6th Feb 2019

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Because of some students that aren't happy with Peter Hitchens and his past stances on certain issues they are trying to block him from speaking at the university, this goes against the entire principal of a university and would also be an affront to freedom of speech. Everyone should be allowed to openly discuss issues without fear of being pushed out to the sidelines and stopped.

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This would encourage open debate and tolerance to differing opinions, something that any higher or further education establishment should do.

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Ignore the other HYS campaign and allow the planned visit and speech to go ahead.


The idea now has enough backers to be reviewed at the next meeting.

2019-02-06 16:16:21

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2019-02-06 14:45:18