Secondary route of uni bus

Have a second university bus go the opposite way. This way students that live next to Fratton area wouldn`t have to travel the whole bus route to get home from university

Idea submitted by Marin Mitev on 10th Oct 2018

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There are already at least two buses doing the same route. Can we get one of them to go the opposite way (University to Fratton area to Albert road to Elms Grove to University). This way the traffic of students getting the bus in the morning from Elm Grove area will get lower since they can just get on the bus going towards the university from their area. Same would apply for people going home.

How would your idea benefit students?

Less busy buses. Students wouldn`t have to travel the whole route to get home depending on where they live.

How could your idea be implemented?

Have one of the university buses go the opposite way


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