Reinstate the IMS (Institute of Marine Sciences) bus to make reaching class safer

Third year Marine Biology students and others who use IMS value our time there. However, the unexpected cancellation of the IMS bus means getting to class is not as safe as it used to be.

Idea submitted by Reem Alnaqeeb on 23rd Oct 2018

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I would like to reinstate the old IMS bus timetable, or find a new way to safely transport students to IMS. The IMS bus was cancelled without warning this summer. When we all applied for this course, a free bus to IMS was advertised as available, as the campus is far away from the main uni campus, where most students have found accommodation.

Alternative routes were suggested to students that asked for them:

The U1 bus stop closest to IMS (the only free form of transport now available) is from Bransbury Park, and is still at least 28 minutes from IMS walking. The walk to IMS is 40 minutes from Southsea; or an hour from the main campus. The biggest concern about walking is that the roads near IMS are not pedestrian or bike friendly, especially as the days begin to shorten.

The number 15 bus to Hayling Ferry was also proposed, but arrives at IMS only 2 minutes  before class starts, not allowing enough time to get to class punctually; and replaces a bus that used to run for free. If this bus became subsidised by the uni for students attending class at IMS; and if classes were scheduled to start 5 minutes after the hour, this would be an ideal alternative for reinstating the bus.

As we are entering third year, we sincerely value our time at IMS, as we feel it is integral in our growth into competent marine biologists. We hope that our transport to IMS could be held at the same level as any other UoP student, as support was shown for them by the intial changes to the bus service this year. We only ask that our transport needs are met by the university, as they have been successfully in the past.

How would your idea benefit students?

Providing safe and reliable transport to essential facilities

How could your idea be implemented?

Resinstating the old IMS bus, or subsiding transport for IMS students on the Hayling Ferry bus, while scheduling classes a few minutes later.


Rep Update
2019-03-07 15:44:00

Initially it took a while to identify who the right person to contact was (contacting a number of people who suggested a different contact, who in turn suggested another, etc.). Following this, I had a meeting with the university where the response was that as lectures have been moved away from the IMS site for L4 and L5 students there is little justification to have a bus. The university has now identified the additional costs associated to those modules at L6 requiring access to IMS; students are being informed of this before application and the additional costs statement now reflects these costs, as well. I am in the process of setting up another meeting to continue the discussions. 

The idea has been marked as Fast Tracked. The reason was: UAB felt that the idea was important to a large number of students and would be simple for the Union to implement with the resources currently available. Therefore the idea has been fast-tracked for immediate action.

2018-11-21 10:49:11

The idea now has enough backers to be reviewed at the next meeting.

2018-10-24 14:58:00

The idea is now looking for 15 Backers.

2018-10-23 21:15:29