should the uni bus run both way in a loop rather than one?

The uni bus should be running both ways in the currently loop route rather than just one way

Idea submitted by Weronika Wierzchon on 5th Mar 2019

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It inconvient for some students to take the university bus even if they live along the university route. This is because the bus runs only one way meaning that sometimes in order to get to fratton etc, the university bus has to go out all the way round to Milton to then get to fratton. Whereas if the university bus was also running the other direction, this would shorten journey time to get to fratton from about 35 min to 15-10 min, 

How would your idea benefit students?

This idea would benefit student as it means many would have a shorter time to get back home, having longer amounts of time to study 

How could your idea be implemented?

The idea could be implemented by making sure the route stays the same but the uni bus is running in both directions from the university library rather than just one 


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2019-03-05 11:19:53