Better facilities at St George's

St George's I feel gets forgotten about especially the cafe where can I study in st George's!

Idea submitted by Delacy Wrench on 9th Jan 2019

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St George's I feel often gets overlooked there's no laptop lockers no pc's. the cafe offers hardly anything for me I have to stay there for four hours the lady in the cafe is lovely and chats with you while your getting a drink and dresses the place up for Christmas which was lovely but theres nothing I can do if I forget my laptop. St George's just needs a little revamp for the edsoc students and others.

How would your idea benefit students?

Massively it would allow students to come together more and gives better study opportunities.

How could your idea be implemented?

Just a small revamp comfy seating and laptop lockers also more food options.


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2019-01-09 00:37:36