The creation of 'BAME History Education Workshops' and the creation of the 'BAME Solidarity Pledge.'

Social media had been inundated by jigsaws of information about British history and how it has affected the BAME community. A work shop would provide reliable knowledge neglected in early years.

Idea submitted by Rachel Marshall on 15th Jun 2020

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Throughout the UK curriculum, BAME history has been neglected. Due to the recent events, it is important to know the historical facts within a British context in order to make an informed opinion. A work shop would be in the form of an informal interactive lecture, mixed in with discussion. Due to this format, it would be easy to adapt to be 'socially distance friendly' i.e with the use of zoom. It could either be directed towards society committees, in order for them to gain a 'BAME Solidarity Pledge'  and the information could be further passed down within societies. Or, alternatively make it a university wide workshop where anyone can turn up.  

How would your idea benefit students?

The idea would benefit the students in that it gives them the adequate information to come up with their own informed opinion. Social media is a blessing and a curse as it gives accessible knowledge albeit the quality of it is questionable or untraceable. Overall meaning that it would give the students an increased awareness about others as well as their own histories.  

How could your idea be implemented?

With the help of the Stand Up to Racism Society, I would make the primary outline of the workshop. With hopeful help from some lecturers I would be able to get it reviewed for clarity. I would  In terms of carrying out the workshop, the implementation is dependant on social distancing measures. A distanced lecture theatre could be used to hold the workshop or have smaller seminar sized groups and hold more of them. 


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